History of the CPEE Conference

The history of the conference CPEE (Computational Problems of Electrical Engineering) started in 1999, after an agreement among several Polish and Ukrainien universities. The main role was played by the Warsaw University of Technology (Poland) and Lviv Polytechnic National University (Ukraine). Since the very beginning, the conference was organized every year and its principal aim was to discuss the modern trends in computational electrical engineering (mostly signal, circuit and field theories) leading to novel approaches to the numerical analysis, optimisation and design of various electrical machines, apparatus and systems. In the first years, only Polish and Ukrainien scientists and researches took part in this event. Later also participants from other countries such as Russia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and also from Great Britain, France and Japan became regular participants. In 2010, the Czech Republic was appointed the third organizing country, and in 2014, the Slovak Republic was pointed the fourth organizing country.

The main research streams in the workshop are concentrated in the following scientific domains:

  • development of efficient methods of signal processing based on the application of ICA, PCA, wavelet transformation, impedance tomography etc.,
  • artificial neural and neuro-fuzzy networks approaches to the solution of signal processing tasks belonging to the estimation, identification, prediction and approximation problems,
  • development of new effective methods for the solution of specific biomedical problems, radioengineering, telecommunication and antenna systems,
  • development of effective numerical methods of the analysis of the electromagnetic fields by applying finite element and boundary elements in 2D and 3D electromagnetic and coupled problems,
  • application of optimisation methods to the design of electrical systems by using field and circuit theory tools and signal processing,
  • education in the area of electrical engineering, computer science and application of the computer science.
The conference is organized under auspices of the IEEE organization.

Complete series of the event:

  • CPEE 1999 Alushta, Ukraine,
  • CPEE 2000 Solina, Poland,
  • CPEE 2001 Alushta, Ukraine,
  • CPEE 2002 Zakopane, Poland,
  • CPEE 2003 Jazleevets, Ukraine,
  • CPEE 2004 Zakopane, Poland,
  • CPEE 2006 Odessa, Ukraine,
  • CPEE 2007 Wilkasy, Poland,
  • CPEE 2008 Alushta, Ukraine,
  • CPEE 2009 Waplewo, Poland,
  • CPEE 2010 Lázně Kynžvart, Czech Republic,
  • CPEE 2011 Kostryna, Ukraine,
  • CPEE 2012 Grybow, Poland,
  • CPEE 2013 Roztoky, Czech Republic,
  • CPEE 2014 Těrchová (Vrátna Dolina), Slovak Republic,
  • CPEE 2015 Lviv, Ukraine,
  • CPEE 2016 Sandomierz, Poland.

Beside the scientific program, Conference CPEE 2017 is supposed to provide time enough for finding new personal contacts, friendships and, of course, for discussions. Therefore, social meetings are also planned such as an evening party and an interesting trip.

It is our great pleasure to invite you to this event, where professional interests will be combined with a rich social program. We do believe that you will take part in the Conference and enjoy your stay in our country.